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If we do go to France on the 22nd...

What are some things you would suggest I take along? I know to have all my prescriptions filled and in hand luggage. Medical bracelet, and my medical records (most pertinent). Would you scan these or photocopy?

OTC meds “just in case.” And yes, I am taking hand sanitizer, and my n99 masks. I don’t care what the CDC has to say about masks.

Trying to think of a survival sort of package. Have a plan in place. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Once in France, we will be staying in apartments, and most likely, do most of our meals there. Will try to limit being in crowded, busy places. I’m sure we could find lots of parks and open spaces. Can you tell that I’m a bit nervous to go, yet still want to do this? At least for now...

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Just landed and did see two passengers with the n99 masks, indicating that they are probably immune compromised. Few people had the flimsy paper masks. It sounds like you are doing everything right. BTW, plane was half full, so had 3 seats to sleep.

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Hi Bets! I had wondered about you. Good to know about the extra room on the plane. Less coughing and sneezing, to contend with. Have a safe and healthy trip. If you have time, so check in.