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How to get from Varen to Paris

We have only one day to get from Varen back to Paris for an early flight the next day. We could drive the whole way. We could drive to a closer city and take a train. I've been looking at every possible variation I can find, but I don't know any of the areas so I can't figure out what makes sense (other than to have planned to leave Varen earlier - but that can't be changed at this point). Thanks for any advice!

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Assuming you are referring to the Varen near Toulouse, you could drive to Toulouse and fly from there, or drive to Bordeaux and take a train from there. If you fly to CDG from Toulouse, you could get an airport hotel but still go into the city for dinner and a stroll. Driving, it's a long haul in one day and with gas and tolls, your cost is probably close to a plane or train ticket purchsed early. Or, did you mean the Varen in Switzerland? What time of year and day of the week should figure in, too.