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How long is the walk from Eiffel to the Trocadero

Google maps is telling me it is a 20 min walk from Eiffel to Trocadero.
But when I look at the map it looks like it is walking me in a round about way.
Likewise Trocadero to Arc shows 30 min walk with mutiple turns. But when I look at the map there is a straight road from the Arc to Trocadero via Ave Kleber. It is not giving me this route at all?
Is Google map really dependable for walking directions?
How far is a walk from Eiffel to Trocadero and then ontowards Arc?

Thank you all.!

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Trocadero is literally across the river from the ET. As you need to cross the street, and the paths on the side of the fountains are uphill, it might take you ten minutes, if that.

From Trocadero to the AdT is about a 20 minutes walk if you go directly.

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Some of that snaking may haveto do with security entrances and exits from the EiffelTower Complex. It is not a straight shot once you take security into account.

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before the ET was penned in with security walls and you had to take circuitous paths to get in and out, 10 minutes was about right. I would plan on 30 minutes now. While it is just across the river, it is no longer as much of a straight shot to get to the bridge.

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Google maps is notoriously bad for walking instructions. Get an up to date mapping app like organic maps which is optimised for walking and cycling. It will route you via footpaths for a 15 minute walk.

I've written about organic maps on my blog
here and here. The first link is why I use it, the second is how.

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Walking from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero is still better than taking the metro. You will be able to see where you are headed easily even though you wait for traffic at times. Walking across the bridge over the Seine from the Eiffel Tower to the Trocadero gives you a great perspective of the boat traffic and after you cross, there is a great creperie stand at the base of the Trocadero. There are steps up to the Trocadero which take time, but the view of the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero is worth it.

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I agree with Kay, you would miss so much trying to take the metro and still be quite a ways away from where you wanted to be. Just walk across and make your way around if you are wanting to go to the other side/behind the Eiffel Tower towards the Champs du Mars. But taking the metro would simply allow you to miss a lot and not really get you anywhere closer

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Silly to consider the metro for this stretch -- you would take more time and do more walking and stair climbing to connect with the metro at each end. and it is a beautiful walk across the bridge -- it is just a bit annoying getting their on foot with the barriers created by ET security issues