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How far ahead to apply for Passé Sanitaire?

Traveling in late December….how far ahead to apply for Passé Sanitaire?

I’ve read all of the threads including making sure to send application during Paris work hours with folks getting their passes within minutes…….can one assume their trips are within a week or two? And/or are some trips further out?

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We applied for ours 10 days ago. When we Completed the form hit Enter, it said it would be within 15 days. Since then it now says 20 days and we still haven't received ours and we leave in 4 days for France. I have read that some pharmacies in France can convert our vaccine cards into a QR code.

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It isn't clear the Pass will be required in December; Nov 15 is the current cutoff date, but they could easily change that.

Since it takes weeks to get the pass I would apply as soon as you have your tickets.

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Thank you ……I applied on 9/12…a Sunday….this was before I read about folks submitting their applications during early morning Paris Business hours….ie…8:30-10:30 am Paris time.

Have not heard anything except that it is in ‘construction’. Granted I’m not due to travel until late December but I’m trying to figure out how far ahead folks are successful in getting their passes.

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Thanks Janet …. We were actually ticketed in late May on a NS DFW-CDG…. But AA cancelled their NS to CDG and re-scheduled us via MIA and ticketed on Aug 17….our applications were completed to best of our knowledge 9/12 and waiting.

I know the Passé is due to expire 11/15 but had read earlier on that others were getting their passes for mid December….this was before wait time was 20 days.

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I applied September 1, as of today, Sept. 26, I am still waiting. I just sent an inquiry about the wait, we shall see if that gets results.

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We are going in December.

When I applied it stated the wait was 4 days and now it is much longer. I would apply as soon as I knew my travel dates and have airline ticket. Even if they discontinued the requirement after 11/15 - no loss - it only takes 5min to complete the form.

Here is my time time of obtaining our QR code’s:
Applied the old system 8/13

Applied new system 8/27.

Made change to application in new system 8/29….the change did not change my original application date.

Dossier 5336…

Received QR code 9/7

Travel date December


For the address I used my home address

The last line I typed my home city, home state, the date I signed, and my full name.

In the comment section I added the hotel address I am staying at in Paris.

I never received an email when my application moved to review or when completed. But when I logged on to the system it showed my QR.

I applied from a different email for my husband and he received emails when the application moved to review and 2 min later when completed.

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Thank you Immacdonnell and DreamsParis……… our 1st 4 digits for dossiers are 5677 and 5679.

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I applied on 9/6 and received my QR code today (9/27) so it took 3 weeks for me. I didn’t use the time zone submission hacks listed above but I did ask a question about my form submission back on 9/10.

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Our time in France is 27 Nov - 8 Dec. I applied the last week of August and received my Pass Sanitaire about 10 days ago. Submitted my mothers on 7 Sep, her's is still pending or "under construction".

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We applied on 9/9 and have heard nothing. We leave on Thursday. I have heard that the "passe-sanitaire" is available through pharmacies. Does anyone have details?

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I have heard that the "passe-sanitaire" is available through pharmacies. Does anyone have details?

In order to get one at a pharmacy you’d have to get an antigen test. I believe pharmacies have been told not to “convert” a US CDC card to a pass sanitaire. There are a few random reports that people are getting this done, though. There are pharmacies everywhere with signs on their doors or with small tents set up outside saying they offer testing.

I’m in Paris now and while I do have a pass sanitaire I’ve found restaurants are not always asking for them. I’d say about 60% are asking to scan them. I did a day trip via train to Chartres on Friday and at no time was asked for my pass. All museums I’ve visited have scanned them before you get to the front door. There are so few Americans here right now I’ve only heard one couple ask if a CDC card was OK, and it was readily accepted.

Tip: If you have an Apple Watch, DO download the link to the Pass Sanitaire to the watch face. My word this makes it easy!!

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Oh that Apple Watch sounds best yet for the passé! My husband received his pass this morning after we re-applied Fri at 10:25. I of course have not! Just kinda laughable!? We leave Fri. Guess one is better than none!! Oui?

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Do you need a special app to add the QR code to an Apple phone/watch? If so, what is the name of it? Not sure how this part works. I have the paper QR code but would like to add to my phone. Thank you.

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BikerChick, I “knew” someone would ask and I’m not entirely sure how I managed it, lol. I am not highly technical.

I had downloaded the TousAntiCovid app to my phone and after I got the Pass Sanitaire, added the QR code there. I took one of the icons off my watch face then went to my watch app on my phone and somehow added it. It might have been magic, lol.

The first waiter smiled and said “Oooh, high tech” so when appropriate I now say that and we all laugh. I’m gray-haired and clearly American so it’s pretty funny.

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I'ver been reading that some applicants have been successful in getting their pass by resubmitting their file . Does that mean they created a brand new file ? If not how do you resubmit an exisitant Pass Sanitaire file? Joe