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How does bus system and fare work in avignon area?

Just came over from nice where it seemed pretty easy, but a little confused here. I see a lot of different bases while walking around.. do they share the same card, or different ones? Does avignon bus cards work with surrounding cities? Do they have bulk purchase rates?

And specifically.. I'm on 115 bus to pont du gard right now. Bought ticket on bus and paid 4.60 euros. I thought the trip was cheaper... did I buy a RT by accident? Or did fares go up? Or is there an initial fee for the card? The card i got seems to include the logo for Nimes as well. What is this card? ("Billettique ales/nimes/gard ... bang)

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You are on a regional bus for the Gard department. That's the extent of my knowledge.

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Indeed the bus to Pont du Gard is not operated by the same agency as the buses on the Avignon side of the Rhône river - the river is basically the equivalent of a state line, that's why.
However, not sure what that 4,60€ ticket can be - single fares are supposed to be 1.50€; and a day pass is 4. any indication on the ticket/receipt?