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How do you secure camera & smartphone

Someone showed me a picture of a guy that chained his smartphone case through his coat jacket. With all the tourists at the Eifel Tower clicking pictures and pickpockets around how does one prevent thief of camera or phone from your hands?

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I am trying to find a way to secure my hubby's cell phone to his hand so maybe a lanyard case but almost all of those have a quick release so no idea yet.....For our cameras, I got a camera strap that goes cross my body for my MINI SLR but for his point and shoot, he has a small strap that goes around his wrist and once he puts it back on his belt in a pouch that zips, he puts the strap through a locking carabiner ( spelling???) onto his belt loop.....

Interested on what people come up with.

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By keeping it in a pocket in a jacket and it has never been a problem in the USA.

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I found that the Safari Shirt I bought from REI had a "secret" zipper pocket just next to where you button your shirt. I found it so convenient throughout my trip to slip my camera/phone into this pocket. It was easy for me to access, but not as easy for someone else.

I don't think you need to worry disproportionately about the Eiffel Tower pickpockets as long as you have taken reasonable precautions. I saw group after group of people who wore their backpacks on their backs and other "no-no's" in tight quarters that I think the pick pockets have plenty of easy picking without having to grab something from your hands.

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prevent thief of camera or phone from your hands?

Relax, I have never heard or has anyone here reported a theft from your hands. Maybe it has happen but it would be extremely unlikely. Pickpockets like to be sneaky. They do not want you to know that they took it. I do use a wrist strap for my camera but that is primarily to prevent dropping it accidentally. That is a far greater risk than a pickpocket.

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Relax, I have never heard or has anyone here reported a theft from your hands.

Here in the States its called "Apple picking".

The theft of iPhones and iPads is so widespread it’s known as “Apple

But Apple devices aren’t the only targets. Nearly one in three
robberies nationwide involves the theft of a mobile phone, according
to the Federal Communications Commission. The problem is so severe in
their cities that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón and
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman this summer convened a
“smartphone summit” to urge the smartphone industry to implement
technological solutions to thwart the robberies.

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Cameras are generally not something thieves want. If you lay a small camera on a cafe table, someone might snatch it as a crime of easy opportunity but they are not highly sought after -- even less, clunky DSLRs. I would not worry at all about my camera -- I have been traveling with high end cameras for 55 years in Europe and have yet to worry about my cameras.

Phones -- well fancy smart phones? I would not use them on the metro near the door where the pickpockets who grab and leap are. But I wouldn't worry too much about them being grabbed elsewhere -- of course don't lay them down on a cafe table outside or keep them in an easily picked pocket i.e. any outside pocket. Perhaps don't spent a lot of time with nose buried in phone while visiting amazing and beautiful places?

Avoiding pickpockets in Paris is mostly common sense -- the big risk is making it easy to surrepticiously kipe -- aggressive grabbing from hands is a rare event. I have never heard of it happening to anyone and I know a lot of travelers. I have never observed it either. On the other hand, I know many people who have been pickpocketed and we have been targets several times although the only time they succeeded my husband succeeded in getting the wallet back (and that was the last time he carried a wallet in his pocket -- nagging all those years didn't work, but that did)

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I'm just back from 5 weeks in Italy and France. I kept my cell phone in a zippered pants pocket and carried my camera, a fairly big Nikon, over my shoulder, generally with my hand on it. That was for protection from bumping into something than theft. My grandson and his friend carried their cells in their pockets as they normally do. When in Rome and Paris I paid a little more attention to the camera when we were in crowds but never felt uncomfortable. The few days we were in hotels I didn't leave them in the room when we left. I did leave my tablet in the hotel rooms just didn't leave it out in the open.

A short response would be just use common sense as you do every day.

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I am glad to hear that nobody that has replied has lost a cell phone or camera. My camera is not a high end, so they would rather go for Euros which they can make better use of and really want.

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My husband bought one of Rick's hidden pockets. Just the right size for a cell phone!

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I don't bring a phone.. so that's not a problem for me.

I keep my camera and my tablet ( when I decide to take it out, sometimes I leave it at hotel or apartment ) in my purse .

I have a regular purse.. not some travel safe type , but it has a full zippered top, which is covered fully by a flap that clicks shut ( the type of clasp you need to fingers to open). I keep my wallet in a inner zippered pocket, with my passport if I am carrying it ( usually leave that at hotel too)

I suppose a man who does not carry a purse has to rely on a good zippered pocket,, either a front pocket or a front shirt pocket.. back pocket is never good.