How do I use the internet on my smartphone while in Paris?

I'll be going to France with a smartphone and want to keep communications as low-priced as possible. Online anyway, I can't figure out what my service provider is talking about! But what I think I'm learning here on Rick Steves' site is that as long as I have a wifi connection and have Skype on my phone, I can call computers in the USA and can also surf the web as much as I like at no extra charge (just as if I were at home). Is there anything else I need to do?? I'm not at all a tech-type when it comes to smartphones. Do I need to have something changed on my phone before I go, or do I just go and go onto the internet once I'm there? Also, I don't want to make or receive any regular phone calls or text messages while I'm there, so do I just leave my phone on "airline mode"?

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Rosie
Rick Steves' Europe
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Hi Dottie. All you need to do is go into your phone's Settings and turn Airplane Mode on. Then also make sure your WiFi is turned on. I do this as soon as I get on the plane heading to Europe. Airplane mode shuts off the phone & data so you won't receive calls and texts and you won't get charged for being online. To get online or use Skype, you just need to connect to a WiFi network. These are networks all over Europe, sometimes free in the hotel or the price of a coffee in a café. You usually need a password and then once you're connected, you can surf to your heart's content! And once you set up your Skype account, add about $10 in credit and that should last you a long time since calls are .02 cents per minute to non-Skype numbers and free Skype-to-Skype.

Posted by Dottie
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Thank you soooooo much, Rosie. That is exactly the information I was looking for.

Posted by Bruce
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Further, when outside the U.S., I use Skype to call landlines and cell phones, as such calls are very cheap. Credit my Skype account a few dollars in advance does the trick. This is helpful, for example, when arranging taxi rides a day in advance from our nearest airport airport when returning home.

Posted by Laura B
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Just know that hotel wi-fi connections can be spotty -- we were on the fifth floor in a hotel in Paris and could only get wi-fi in the room by sitting next to the hall door. Luckily, they had comfortable chairs downstairs near the front desk so we just camped out there for a half-hour in the evening to get our news fix.

Posted by Dottie
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Thanks, all. I'm renting an apartment that the owner swears has very robust wifi -- hope he's right. If not, I'll have to find hot spots. I'm just thrilled that I can use my smartphone with Skype instead of lugging around my enormous laptop. (What was I thinking! Did I really need a number pad on my computer??)