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How do I get to the Louvre

In a few weeks I will be traveling through France with my family. It's our first time in Europe and we'll be driving. I've been warned not to drive in Paris. We'll be driving from Le Havre. We have a place outside of Paris, however, we can't check in or park their before 3pm. I would like to get to the Louvre with plenty of time to look around. I'm assuming noon or a little earlier would give us plenty of time because the museum closes at 1800. My question is, where can I park my vehicle safely with our luggage in it? Can we park outside of Paris and take a train in, if so where, which line?

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Where are you staying outside Paris? Knowing that location would help guide the possible suggestions.

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Well can you at least drop your luggage there? Better yet, Is it too late to cancel that place and book a proper Paris hotel? Turn your car in after you leave Le Havre and then take the train into Paris, drop your luggage at your Paris hotel and then take either the Metro or a taxi to The Louvre.

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Ask where you're staying if there's a RER or Metro station with a parking lot. And ask if you can leave your luggage there. Then take public transportation into Paris.
I've driven in some crazy places in this world. But going around the roundabout on the Champ de Elysee and seeing 50 cars in my rear view mirror going in every direction made me avoid driving in Paris traffic any longer.

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Never leave stuff in your rental car or by law a thief is required to break in.

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You will run a big risk with luggage in a car; if you decide to risk it (most of the time you will be okay but there is a significant risk) then you absolutely must carry your valuables -- computers, cameras, medications, ID and money -- anything it would be a catastrophe to lose -- with you. The Louvre has lockers where you could leave a daypack or messenger bag or whatever. do not carry valuables in a backpack on public transport -- use a money belt under your clothes for the passports, money and cards.