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Hotels which will do laundry on the Chartres to Nice tour


Which hotel stops have laundry facilities - either do it yourself or laundry service we pay for.


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My experience on a number of RS tours:
Your tour leader will suggest laundry possibilities on your tour.
I also check the itinerary for a likely town midway on the tour, then check the RS guidebook. Often the location I find through the guidebook is the same place the guide suggests.

BTW, are you aware there is a section just for RS tours?

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In 2019, our hotel in Arles provided laundry service. I think it cost about €10/bag. That was the only place that our guide told us about.

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Did you get your hotel list yet? If you did you can check up at what facilities the hotel offers. They list everything such as elevator, a/c, laundry, etc.

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As mentioned up thread your leader will mention laundry service. We took this wonderful tour in 2013. To the best of my recollection their was a self service laundromat in Sarlat. All I remember is it was a short distance from our hotel and a few of us went there in the am. On other RS tours we had the hotel do our laundry. That said most of our laundry was washed in the hotel sink!

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Hi tina, loved this tour, hope you will too! I recall that there was a laundry near our hotel in Sarlat where you could drop off or do your own.