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Hotels on Mont Saint Michel

My husband & I will be visiting MSM in late June 2018. We have decided to stay one night on the island and are now in the process of booking a hotel. We are a bit confused and would like some insight on two hotels. Is Auberge Saint Pierre the same hotel as Hotel La Croix Blanche? Their address is the same. Is it two separate hotels/location with the same owner? Are the buildings located in different locations on the island? Do you recommend one over the other? Does one have rooms with better views? If so, has anyone stayed at one of these properties and recommend a specific room? When we visit their websites they look very similar. Please shed some light and offer some recommendations. TIA
Alina & Todd

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Your timing is fortunate as you will be able to experience the lights and music in the late evening at the Abby. I have been in communication with Auberge Saint Pierre and have come to learn they do not have rooms with queen or king size beds. The rooms meant to accommodate 2 adults have 2 twin beds. The website describes 2 of these options as being located in a separate building. We are still considering if we are willing to pay @$250 for two twins. If other readers would endorse this lodging as the optimal location for a nights stay on the island, we would value the recommendation. Or perhaps there are a few other options on the island worth investigating. We truly wish to experience sunset and sunrise on Mont San Michele. Our itinerary brings us to the Abby in mid September, a time of year when it closes at 5:00.

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Have you considered staying on the mainland instead, so as to have a view of the Mont? Some visitors have recommended that, especially if you want photos of the Mont at night.

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I dont remember which hotel we stayed in, but there are only something like 32 rooms in total on the island itself, so you don't have many choices. As I recall, the rooms in our hotel were scattered up the hill, not in one building.

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There are very few hotels on Mont St Michel, and as stan said, not a lot of rooms, so not a lot of choice. Because of that, they’re expensive, but to me, worth it. I love staying on MSM, not nearby. It’s a very special and unique experience. Re: two twins, that is very common in France and Europe. I’ve never seen a true double/queen in decades of travel, even in expensive hotels. They usually push them together and use one fitted sheet, bedspread, etc if you want to share and make it a double.

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Mont St Michel was a bucket list item for me. Spending the night there made it extra is crowded during the day, but at night most of the tourists leave, and you can wander the cobbled streets and enjoy its special ambiance. The rooms are expensive, but well worth it imo. If possible, plan your night there when there is a full moon!

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On our first stay in Mont Saint Michel we stayed at the hotel that was owned/run by the owner of the omelet restaurant--Poullard I think. The room was nice and quiet with a view of a church rooftop. On the second visit (for the tides) we stayed at Mouton Blanc and I cannot recommend it--very run down. (and noisy) at that time. The omelet restaurant is a place to avoid--very over priced food and mediocre at best.

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If you are set on staying on the island, book your rooms RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, now. There are so few rooms they fill up fast. Worry less about which hotel and more about whether you can get a room at all.

Our room was sort of an odd shape. It was long and narrow, stretching all the way across the building. The window in one end provided a magnificent view of the chapel an the other end looked out over the water. The accommodations struck me as 1950's vintage mobil home, except there was no television :)

We were there for one night in May of 2017 and found it a very worthwhile experience. I suggest you consider that they roll up the sidewalks and go home at 5:00 pm. We found absolutely nothing to be purchased on the entire island other than what you can get out of two lonely and hard to find vending machines. No people either, other than a handful of tourists standing on the causeway looking at the lights. If you need something, carry it in with you.

I have read different reports disagreeing on the quality of the food, but we found it abysmal. However, if you take the tram to the first hotel on the right going back to the parking lot, the du Roy is think, they do a very good breakfast. I have no idea when they quit serving at night, but the tram runs till midnight.

Our experience with the desk clerk was probably the most negative experience I have ever had in a hotel.

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Most of the hotels and restaurants on MSM are run by just a couple of families. Here's Rick's guidebook description for this pair:

[$$$$] Hôtel St. Pierre*** and Hôtel Croix Blanche*** sit side by side and share the same owners and reception desk (at St. Pierre). Each provides comfortable rooms at inflated prices, some with good views (family rooms, lower rates at Hôtel Croix Blanche).

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I stayed in a hotel on MSM for a night as part of the RS Heart of France in 11 Days tour. My room was 'graveyard adjacent' and it was the view my window. Room was nice, clean, quite good. The rooms aren't attached to the lobby by an interior hall so your door opens onto the cobblestone street and you may have to hoof it a long way to the front desk. It was worthwhile to stay there since I got some great sunrise photos.

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Stay on the island, if at all possible. Even if in a slightly doggy room. You don't go there for a nice room and lovely meal, but for the experience when all the other tourists are gone. The place is magical. Stay out late and get up early to sit and feel the history of the place.

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Definitely stay on the island. I spent a night on MSM at the end of June 2017, and it was magical. I practically had the entire place to myself. I stayed at Hotel Mouton Blanc in a room that overlooked the village street. After dark, I looked down upon a scene that, except for the electric lanterns, looked very much as it would have to a pilgrim five hundred years ago. Stay up late and wander, then get out early in the morning to wander some more. You won't be spending much time in your room.