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Hotel in Lyon for a couple?


Does Rick suggest a hotel in Lyon? We pick up a car rental there from our train ride from Lauterbrunnen.

Thank you!

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Does it have to be a Rick suggested hotel or are you willing to risk a recommendation not found in his books? (Some people refuse to stay at a hotel, eat at a restaurant, or visit a place not recommended by Rick. And that's why I was asking.)

If so, I stayed at the Mercure Lyon Centre Beaux Arts. It was centrally located and very nice.

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Is that a couple of nights or a couple of people?

Question: Does Rick suggest a hotel in Lyon?

I'm sure he does. One need only consult his guidebook for France to learn which hotels those are.

Statement: We pick up a car rental there from our train ride from Lauterbrunnen.

Where do you pick up the car rental? And, perhaps more importantly, where do you plan to go with that car once you pick it up? That would have a lot to do with determining what hotel to recommend.

For what it's worth, I lived in Lyon for several years and typically recommended Hôtel des Artistes or Hôtel des Célestins to guests from out of town who were visiting (we've stayed at both for short visits to Lyon for shopping, concerts, or medical procedures). But neither would be great if you're just looking for a hotel on the edge of town so in the morning you can drive to Chamonix, Orange, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpelier, or some other destination.

While a car is more of a burden than an advantage in most of Lyon (especially considering the excellent and polyvalent mass transit choices) at least these hotels are very close to an underground parking garage with cool music and mirror effects so parking shouldn't be a problem.

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Thank you! I will check out each of the four hotels and their locations. We arrive around noon, and we would like to spend a night and see some sights before driving to Vaison La Romaine. There is a few to many variables to consider for six nights before spending time in Nice.