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hotel in latin quarter

Please can anyone provide feedback about this hotel in paris - Hotel des Carmes

Is the location safe for solo traveller? It is not a very pricey hotel compared to others in the area so I am skeptical about it at the same time low cost is a big plus point.

If anyone has stayed here recently, please provide some feedback.

thank you,

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Google to find the reviews of the hotel on Trip Advisor and (where only people who have stayed at the hotel can post a review). I just did: they reviews are pretty good for what sounds like a very modest property in a great location. I stayed a few blocks from there in May, and I would not hesitate to stay in that area. It's lively and there is lots around, though it's also a very touristy area. When I was looking for hotels, I was surprised to find some hotels pretty cheap on some days near the last minute; it seems they offer bargain prices when they aren't full so as not to have empty rooms unsold. I would not be suspicious of the price.

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Is the location safe for solo traveller?

i would say so; only just like in any major city do not walk home alone real late (inebriated) when most people are asleep

it is not a very pricey hotel compared to others in the area so I am skeptical about it at the same time low cost is a big plus point.

If you do not get recent hotel reviews here please refer to or all you do is put the name of hotel in search engine

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thank you all for your replies. I should have mentioned, I checked tripadvisor and there are very few recent reviews of this place. That's why I posted here.

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I use TripAdvisor reciews too , but not exclusively !! There are reviews for this hotle on

Thanks for finding this hotel !! It's now on my list ! I have stayed in more than a dozen hotels in Paris and I have liked all of them , but I am always looking for deals .

I would stay at this hotel in that area in a heartbeat ( actually I have stayed in the area quite a few times ) it's perfect !

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The hotel appears to have been renovated recently - that's probably why you didn't find many reviews on TA.
Fine area to stay, good transportation options, too.

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This hotel is in a in a fine area. You can tell why it is a bit cheaper from the pictures at the link -- first it is a French two star property and a lot of properties in the area are French 3 star or higher or have been renovated recently and offer AC which drives up the price. The pictures show a place that is clean but not recently redone and with less expensive finishes (BTW, another place like that in the 7th is the Hotel de Suede). If the budget is right and you are not a fancy hotel person, this is as good a choice as any other and the location is great. I just spent three days near there at Hotel Monge and this place is closer to Blvd Saint Germain so that could be a plus for some visitors (coincidentally, I walked past this hotel on my way to an appointment and noted it for future reference). By the way there are TA reviews from July and June about this place. I'd stay there now before it closes for renovation and reopens at a much higher price point like the Hotel Monge just did.

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I've not stayed at the hotel in question. However, my daughter & I enjoyed our stay at Hotel Diana, also located in the Latin Quarter, very close to Hotel des Carmes.

Hotel Diana is a family owned hotel near La Sorbonne, reasonably priced, with A/C, good Wi-Fi connection, clean, comfortable and safe, with friendly 24/7 front desk staff.

We felt very safe staying in this hotel.
One night we were out very late because we went to the Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle after sunset (10pm) and we returned to the hotel (via bus) at around 11pm.

Hotel Diana is conveniently located near bus & Metro stops.

Enjoy your time in PAris!

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My wife and I stayed there two weeks ago and were very satisfied. The room was small ( it's Paris ) but the AC was the best we had in three weeks roaming around Europe. The place is clean and well managed. Breakfast 9E was quite good and I would recommend this hotel to anyone. Answering your question, the area is safe. Enjoy Paris, we sure did!

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I've also stayed at the Hotel Diana and really like it.
Other places in the 5th that I've stayed at are Hotel Minerve and Hotel Famillia, next door to each other but a bit farther up on Rue des Ecoles.
It's a neighborhood that is very convenient and has people walking around on the streets at all hours, so I think it is quite safe.