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Horse riding in Paris

Has anyone done one of the horse riding tours offered in Pais? I find two companies that do! Both offer rides in the gardens of Versailles. To say they are expensive is an understatement, almost the cost of getting to France from Australia. If anyone has done this I would love feedback. It could be that once in a lifetime experence, but not going to rush into such an expensive option. Horseinthecity offer one at around 200euro another offer a much up scaled expenence at an eyewatering cost of 650euro, so you see my hesitation. Thank you.

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If the companies offer horse back rides in the gardens of Versailles, do you also ride in Paris on the same outing? If so, how does this work? And where in Paris can you go on horseback, except perhaps in a park?

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almost the cost of getting to France from Australia.

Airfare from Australia is only just a bit over 650 euro.? I would have guessed much higher. ( Are you in a cabin with windows?)

Never done that but I suppose it is akin to doing a helicopter tour in Hawaii. At least the view from the copter is unique. Not sure being on a horse produces the same result.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your trip!

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Are you looking for a couple hour ride? Or a multi-day ride? Trail or ménage? Equitours based in the US is popular for multi-day rides
UK website Far and Ride has France rides
A Google search brought up this Versailles ride
I haven’t rented a horse in years so don’t know current cost. If I remember right and for example only, an hour ride at Piber Lippizan Farm near Graz Austria a couple years ago was close to €200 and it was for experienced riders only. The tour fell through so we didn’t go.
Happy Trails!

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You might consider broadening your horizons to include riding in places like Chantilly. I have not done so, but a quick look at Google brought up other stables that offer rides at less cost than those you quote. Her is one: Chantilly is all about horse riding and the chateau and forest are lovely. The Chantilly Cream and strawberries are an added inducement.

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Yes thank you, we thought and still thinking about Chantilly too, with the rides you meet at Versailles Park and go around the grounds and with one have a picnic in Versailles grounds. You have to be a good rider I believe. Yes other tours are in the Parks around the city, Chantilly have many more options of course. As for the airfares, there were a few $900 return, for summer, not bad, last visit only paid $700.AU return, in the right place at the right time, I believe they were whats called "backfill" seats.

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A friend of mine rode with Horse in the City Paris, in the Bois de Boulogne.

The website ends in .fr instead of .com.

They have rides for about 2 hours long at Versailles , St Cloud, or Bois de Boulogne for €290, or somewhere further away from Paris for 180€, or you can call them to set up a private program.

EDIT: oops, I see this is exactly the company you mentioned in your post. Never mind!

However knowing the cost of things (labor, rent, insurance, etc etc) here, I don’t imagine you are going to find anything that is cheap. These prices are what the market will bear.