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Honeymoon & 1st time in France -- Southern and Wine Regions

We are going to Bordeaux for 3 days and Lourdes to see the shrine and stay the night. We are trying to figure out where is a relaxing/romantic place to spend the next 3 days.... maybe Provence? If so where?? We will be coming to Bordeaux after a busy week in Ireland so hoping to soak up some of beautiful Southern France before heading back to New York.

Any and all advice is appreciated and welcome! <3


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Languedoc region.
Look at Collioure too, a seafront town with charm.

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hi alyssa
best friend from saint-jean-pied-de-port, basque country, absolutely serene countrysides and small villages. itxassou - famous for their black cherries, esplette - home of their red peppers, rhune train - ride up the mountain to see panoramic views, (go early-parking issues buy ticket online) take a picnic,
some of family run hotels have restaurants also, friends stay at hotel eskualduna chez katina. check, beaches/ocean town bayonne, biarritz and san sebastian a few miles away. you will need a car to explore, what time of year, if it's high season (may-september) it will be maddening crowds, bordeaux wine festival is june 14-18 if you're there at that time. happy travels

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You don't have a lot of time, so keeping your in-transit time down will be key to relaxation. Which airport are you departing from? I'd be looking for a place that's not too hard to reach from Lourdes and also reasonably convenient to the departure airport. You could easily waste the better part of two days, just traveling.