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Help with time and navigating LTN on Dec 2019

Hello all, I need some help/tips for traveling from LTN to CDG on the 28th on easy jet. I depart at 7:05am and trying to figure out what time do myself and family of 3 need to be to LTN. We have carry on luggage and back packs. Please chime in as you can, all the help will be appreciated. Thanks all!!

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2 hours. A bit more because it is between Christmas and New Year.

Are you staying at Luton the night before?

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Have you checked EasyJet’s baggage allowances? As a standard passenger, you are entitled to one carry on bag with maximum dimensions of 56 x 45 x 25 cms and anyone carrying a hand bag will have to put it inside this bag.

If you have paid more for a Plus/Flexi etc ticket, then you can also take a handbag or laptop bag measuring 45 x 36 x 20 cms maximum. They do strictly enforce these limits and I have been asked on more than one occasion to put my handbag into the suitcase. It sounds like your luggage is too big.

With such an early flight, I would want to stay at the airport the night before, rather than risk public transport or road traffic delays to get you there for 5am.

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Make sure you do your online check in, and print out your boarding card before you get to the airport. For 28th December, you can do this now.
You then just need to go to the bag drop (self service), if needed; then striaght to security. No human check-in needed.

I agree with the others, you MUST be at the gate 40 minutes before take off time. One second later and you may not be lot on the flight. That means (for an airport you don't know), you need to be inside the terminal 90 minutes - 2 hours before departure.
An 07:05 departure means getting out of the vehicle at 05:00. Not really possible without overnighting at the airport, or being driven there (taxi, friend).

You don't say where you are from. Most posters here are foreign tourists who stay in central London. If so (and even if not staying in central London), taking the Eurostar to Paris is faster and a lot less grief.

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Don’t waste paper printing out your boarding passes, just have them available on your mobile phone or tablet, ideally on a second device as backup if the batteries run out. I haven’t printed out EasyJet boarding passes for years, yet I use them many times each year.