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Help with hotel in Paris

Does anyone have a "hidden gem of a hotel" in the Rue Cler or Eiffel tower area that is around $200/night or less? Thanks.

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Joy.. I have several ( well more like a half dozen at least) great hotels in Paris in that price range.. but none of them in those areas as I don't like those areas.. boring.. and not that central to most sites..
Suggest you branch out and also consider the 4th,5th and 6ths( the areas you are looking at are in the 7th)

In that price range you can expect a clean hotel with small rooms. I always get a/c if visiting june-august.. if not don't sweat that.

I prefer a hotel room with a mini fridge so I can stock it with drinks and snacks.

If travelling inJune you have left it late.. you will not get your first choice,, or perhaps even your second or third. If travelling mid july thru august you may get some price breaks on prices.. If going in September it will be as June.. hard to find vacancies now at the first and second choice type places.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves.. young, old, active,, want a quiet area.. fun area,, is you a couple,, a single a family?

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Pat - thanks for your response. We are 3 couples in our 60's and try to get together every other year for some kind of trip. We have gone to Europe one other time together (Italy and Greece). The husbands are "old" wrestling buddies from high school. This trip we are doing a canal trip first (7 nights) on the Canal Midi, then working our way over to Normandy with a few last days in Paris. I am willing to branch out as far as locations and would love to have you give me some of your recommendations. It is always more difficult to arrange for others instead of just yourself so I will take all the help I can get. Thanks.

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Disclaimer: This is mostly opinion on my part.

I would ask if you necessarily need to stay in that part of the city? Paris is typical of most older major European metropolitan areas in that it is fairly compact and has a good transport system within the city. Hidden gems are one thing but I look upon hotel rooms as just a place to park the luggage while I go exploring. As long as they are clean and quiet at night I am happy.

I usually travel alone and over the years I have rented from the Accor Hotel chain using their Formule1, Ibis and Adagio hotels while in Paris. The Ibis chain usually charges around $100 per night for a room that sleeps two with an inside shower and sink. My last trip I included my sister and her youngest son (16 y.o.) and we stayed at the Adagio Paris Phillipe Auguste right next to the Pere Lachaise cemetery. At the time (2012) rent was about $145 dollars per night for a fairly spacious "aparthotel" room that sleeps four with a separate bath and a kitchenette. (Currently I see they are priced at $155 per night.)

In Paris I take advantage of the bus, tram and Metro system and in my case it doesn't much matter where I stay. I have never rented a car within the Paris city limits.

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I think I have one, I really enjoyed our stay here last February. "Hotel De LAvre"....I found it quaint, convenient, charming and not expensive, this is what one of the regulars here posted about this hotel recently:
"Hotel de l'Avre really is a gem. And being a half block from a Metro stop where 3 major lines intersect makes it very convenient for sightseeing. And the best Monoprix I've ever been to is a block away. Not to mention the great outdoor market... And it's within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower."
Check it out , I
m sure you will have a great time in Paris!

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Thank you Veronica. I will check it out and we are definitely looking forward to our trip.

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Thank you Veronica, I'm the one that posted that... : ) We loved Hotel de l'Avre (it's in the 15th on the border of the 7th). We stayed there for 6 weeks. The owner and staff are wonderful and it also has a nice garden. It's great and a true gem as I wrote.

However, I prefer to stay in the 4th, 5th and 6th. Notre Dame is the center and heart of Paris, so the closer you are to Notre Dame, the more central you are. I like to walk outside my hotel (or apartment) and already be in the area I love most without having to take public transport to get there. And I like staying by the river.

Pat will have some good recs in the 4th, 5th and 6th, at budget prices, and hopefully she'll be back to name them.

The plus of Hotel de l'Avre, among many things, is that their prices are low... but if you can get a hotel, also budget, in the 4th, 5th or 6th, that's what I would recommend.

The budget hotels I know of are: Hotel Jeanne d'Arc in the Marais (4th), Hotel Diana, Hotel Eugenie, Hotel St. Pierre, Hotel College du France and Hotel Marignan. (Some of these are Pat's recs).

Less budget, but check them out: Hotel des Grandes Ecoles, Hotel St. Jacques, Hotel du Pantheon, Hotel des Grands Hommes, Hotel Familia.

My favorite hotels, in my favorite neighborhood (Ile St. Louis... the little island east of Notre Dame), are unfortunately above your budget.

Also, have you considered renting an apartment? Take a look at and see if it appeals to you. An apt will give you more space, a kitchen and a washer (and possible dryer).

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I am also in my early 60's and took my little grand daughter last year. She wanted to stay near the Eiffel Tower, and so that's what we did! We loved it, did all the "far away" sites during the day, and returned to our quiet little hotel at night and walked to the Eiffel Tower every night for the lighting! It was wonderful! Hotel Eber Mars is in the Rue Cler Neighborhood, and had great transportation service. FYI, my family hosted an Exchange Student from Paris 15 or so years ago, and he is now a young adult with a wife and child, and he chose to live in the Eiffel Tower neighborhood. It was fun catching up with him.

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Thanks to everyone for taking time to help out. I appreciate it.

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Hi Joy, the 7th is my favorite arrondisement and I can recommend the Londres Eiffel Hotel and the Hôtel de l'Empereur. Both are within walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon's Tomb, Rodin Museum, etc. I think it's a fine location and I hope you have a great time in Paris!

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If you are going in the summer, Hotel Eiffel Segur has fantastic AC. My favorite neighborhood though is the 6th.