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Help on Eurorail pass for 4 countries with france

Hey I saw on this rick steves site I can have 5 days of travel between bordering countries.
I was thinking of doing the Benelux, France, Swiss, and Germany. They all border each other. However if you look at website it doesn't have france as a departing country or arriving from any of these options but it lets me pick it as an option. Can anyone explain. I hope its just a typo and they forgot to list it. I should be able to go from Belgium to france to Switzerland right?

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If you book in advance you can find TGV tickets, which include reservation fees, from Brussels to Paris for example for as little as 43€. That´s probably less than half the price of a pass and TGV travel using passes requires separate reservation fees.

You might want to check your itinerary using prepurchased tickets vs. using a Eurorail pass:

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Not quite following you on "departing country or arriving". When you buy a 5-day, 4-country pass, that is what it means. Where you start and stop is not material. You do need to purchase reservations on French TGV and the Thalys trains to/from Belgium. There are also parts of Switzerland, the Berner Oberland particularly, where your pass only gives you a discount on purchased tickets.

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I just want to give you a little warning that purchasing train reservations for high speed TGV trains in France with a rail pass can be as expensive as buying the actual ticket (reservation included). You may want to check point to point prices unless the flexibility of a rail pass gives it extra value beyond just getting from point A to Point B.

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Eurail Passes are usually a waste of your hard-earned money. That's what these nice people are trying to tell you.

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Thanks. I guess I will just need to add up all the point to point prices. The nice thing about eurorail is we are considered youth but if we buy through loco or point to point we aren’t because we are 26&27. I was looking at Amsterdam to Brussels to Paris to Geneva to interlaken on the golden pass train then to Munich and possibly another place in Germany . So we will have some bigger travel days. I did see the golden pass was free from Geneva to interlaken with eurorail pass

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When you're adding up the point to point costs versus Eurail Pass, use or trainline - not RailEurope. The point to point tickets are much more expensive on RailEurope than elsewhere.