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Heat in Paris in Mid September

Hi everyone, in my quest to find hotels I wonder if I need to have air conditioning. In Rick Steves book the average temperature is 70 but I have been told Paris is hot even in September.
I prefer to be cool at night and I usually have AC when I travel but I will have to pay for that comfort. So I ask for your opinion and how you felt in this month when you traveled.
Maragret (Pat)

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Took the Eastern France trip in 2010, it was hot from Paris to the Riviera. Very nice trip though. Plan on both warm and cool temps.

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In Paris last Sept. 10-20th. Sunny a few days temp low 70s', cloudy and rainy rest of the time, 60s'.

On previous trip it was beautiful! Sunny and 75-80. Just be prepared, take a sweater and rain jacket.

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I love Paris in September, often sunny and warm while the chestnut tree leaves start to crumble and crunch under foot. Twilight seems to linger a long time on those soft limestone buildings and you may want to sling a sweater over your shoulders in the evening. A/C shouldn't be an issue for sleeping. I'd check out hotel addresses on Google maps to get an idea if an area is quiet enough at night to open a window.

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You can never be sure about weather anywhere, but I wouldn't go to great length or expense to get AC in Paris in mid-Sept. However, it might be worth trying for an upper-floor or courtyard room instead of one right on the street, where noise at night might make it harder to sleep with open windows.

But where are you from, Pat? What temps you're used to might bear on your choice.

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Well Dick...funny you ask but I live in Florida and my house is kept cold. I sleep better when its cool and that is why my vacations are in April/May or September. I will visit Ireland to see my family after my French holiday and never mind the weather there as its usually cool.
Thanks for the idea though as I do wonder what the 70degrees feels like in the city.