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Health Pass - 5am this morning Oct 21!

Ive been stressing over the Health Pass situation so I took the info I gathered in this forum and set to work.

Here is the recap of what works. Others have done this but it is a major issue and concern, so Id like to help some of you get through this so we can again talk about restaurants!

  1. I turned my documents into PDF format and put them into folder on my desktop and in the cloud in case I need them while in France.

  2. I deleted previous applications - I did NOT create new accounts and only used ONE account for both our applications

  3. I located our Address Abroad - you need the address of where you are staying in France, NOT your home address in the US. I copied and pasted our hotel address to a text file.

  4. I entered my husbands info and submitted the file at 5am Arizona time which was, I believe, 2pm work day time in France.

  5. By the time I entered my info, I had already received a flurry of email the last one saying I could click through to download the pass for the first application. The button showed RED with the word ACCEPTED on my husbands application line. SUCCESS.

  6. I waited for mine to yield same result but it did not. I deleted and repeated and VOILA, mine too showed ACCEPTED... we both have our Health Passes! I printed a hard copy of each, plus downloaded to my phone homepage and to the cloud folder.

Do I think I will need them? Nope? However, though personal experience in traveling in other countries I have found its when you are not prepared that you end up needing what you glossed over. Its better to have the documentation and not need it than to need it and have to deal with it en route. I feel calm now.

THANK YOU for so many great suggestions. They worked. Au Revoir!

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I can report success with this as well. I disagree with point #3, however. I used my USA address and got approved.

The key seems to be submitting your records during normal French business hours.

I too converted my passport, CDC Covid record and flight itinerary to PDF format.

Happy dance!

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I got mine in 20 days, but had not received my mothers. After 6 weeks I resubmitted hers and just got it today after 8 days. I forgot to delete her original request and now both of hers were approved at the same time.

Enjoy your trip.

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I, also, used my US address and got approved. So did 2 people I helped.