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has anyone ever flown easy jet inside france?

positive/negative comments appreciated. thanks!

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We've flown Easy Prague to Amsterdam and Berlin to Amsterdam, with no problems whatsoever.
I realize we've NOT flown it in France, but I can't see how being in France would make any difference.

Is there a specific issue to flying in France, that would not apply elsewhere, that you need addressed?

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We flew Easy Jet Pisa to Orly last year, piece of cake. Pleasant flight, left and arrived on time, good crew. They are strict on the luggage thing, read carefully.

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Haven't flown entirely inside France, but did make a trip from Italy to CDG. In fact have made several trips with them in Europe, no problems. Maybe it was just Italy but each time the queue for the flight was orderly until they started boarding, then it was a semi-scramble for position. In the future I think I'd really consider paying the extra to board first. Each time the flight was about 15-30 minutes late in departing, but that could have just been the luck of a small sample size. The only advice I'd give is that they are serious about the luggage limits. If the agent has any thoughts your bag is over they will make you put it in the measuring box. Also take a look at their carry-on policy, which seems to have changed a bit lately; there is now a size guaranteed to go with you in the cabin, a slightly larger maximum size that is allowed but apparently not guaranteed.

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We flew EJ from Amsterdam to London Last September. They did not measure size of carry on but you are allowed one piece--and that includes a purse. It was not easy but I managed to cram the purse into my carry on. Be careful about this and enjoy your trip!

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We flew Barcelona to Paris.. it was fine. Just remember one carry on .. is one.. not one plus your purse.. be prepared to check a bag or shove handbag into suitcase carryon. I am using them again this year flying Majorrca to Paris this summer.. and I always pre purchase a checked bag, but sometimes I don't check it. depends.

I don't care about free food or drinks on flights that are like 2 hours or shorter.

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I've flown Easyjet three times. The first two times, London to Paris and Paris to Barcelona, the flights were delayed 3-4 hrs each. Not kidding. This is why I've taken the Eurostar from London to Paris on subsequent trips. Lesson learned, it was a rookie mistake. When we flew from Paris to Barcelona, the plane scheduled to take us was broken and we had to wait for a flight from Morocco to come in as that was the plane we would have to use. All the other flights seemed to have left on time though. And they gave us a voucher for a free soft drink. Whoopee! The third time, I flew from Paris to Rome...hallelujah! The flight left on time and arrived on time BUT! We flew in to Rome on a Sunday and Italians don't like to work on Sundays so there were only a set amount of luggage handlers working. The flight got in on time but it took almost 3 hours for our luggage to come out. Not kidding again! I guess that wasn't Easyjet's fault. Will I fly Easyjet again? I guess if thats my only choice, I will have to.

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We are flying Nice to Annecy. Our itinerary is pretty aggressive for our two week trip so a 5-6 hour train ride at double the cost of a one hour flight doesn't make much sense. Much appeciated pointers on the luggage, I'll make sure to read carefully before booking. Thanks for the input!

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Many of us here have also used Easy Jet to various destinations and found it exactly as advertised (luggage restrictions and pre-boarding deadlines included). You can get more tips from Rick's article about Flying Within Europe.