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Happy 970th Birthday to Philip I, the Amorous

Philip I was born on this day in 1052 in the Dordogne, and when his dad Henry died he was just 7 years old,
so, interesting enough, until he was 14 the queen acted as regent over France, and the queen was Anne of Kiev -- a Ukrainian noblewoman.

There have been a few periods since then when interest in Russian and Ukrainian ties with France have inspired interest in Anne, for instance in 2005 the Ukrainian gov't installed a statue of Anne in Senlis, which was unveiled by President Viktor Yushchenko on 22 June.

Anne started the tradition of crowning French kings in Reims when she was the first one made queen there in 1051. She's also credited with bringing a little eastern flavor into French culture, not least by introducing the name Philip to western Europe with the christening of her oldest son.

Philip earned the epithet the Amorous because he kept getting excommunicated by the pope for taking up with another woman besides his political-match legal marriage with Bertha of Holland. His love match with Bertrade de Montfort didn't go over well with church authorities, and he later returned the enmity by not supporting the First Crusade called for by Urban II. It was his middle brother Hugh who took up the charge for the Crusade.

His mom started the tradition of being crowned in Reims, but he broke the tradition of being buried in St. Denis, requesting instead that he be put in the Loiret.