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Hairdresser in Vaison-la-Romaine

Midway through a six week trip, I'm going to need a haircut. Rick says there are more than 20 hairdressers in Vaison-la-Romaine. Can anyone recommend one? I have short hair and need someone who can look at what I have and recreate it an inch or two shorter.

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Bring a photo or two of your just cut hair so the stylist knows what the end result is supposed to be.

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I’ve been getting my hair cut in France for over forty years. The hairdressers are very well trained; I’ve only once had a bad cut. I suggest you find a salon that looks ok to you and go for it. One note: the Jean Louis David chain trains their hairdressers themselves and to cut using only an electric razor. I refused and insisted on a scissors cut; only one older hairdresser there knew how to do a scissors cut. I avoid this chain now.

The cuts typically take longer and care is given to more detail, layering, etc. You’ll typically have a trainee do your shampoo. FYI, I tip a few euros, 50-centime to one euro for the shampoo and one or two for the cut.