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Group Dining and Drinks in Paris

Hi - we have a group of 8 meeting in France for the Rugby World Cup. I’m looking for recommendations on where to eat given our group size.

We capped dinner to our core group of 8 but we will have additional friends and family who will want to meet up for drinks post dinner so we are also looking for wine bars, hotel bars and other late night establishments that can accommodate a large group.

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Going to a restaurant with 8 people is common.

If you are looking for a place with a Parisian decor and atmosphere, used to welcoming groups and which has extended opening hours, check out the "Brasseries".

Brasserie Flo, Le Pied de Cochon, Mollard, Brasserie Lipp, La Rotonde, Wepler, Brasserie Bofinger, La Coupole... etc etc

There are dozens of them. It all depends on where you will stay in Paris.

Same thing for bars, you will find tons of them, and probably quite a few which will broadcast rugby matches

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Good thing you are planning ahead since a special event can make the city even busier than normal. Walking in to ask for a table for eight could tax smaller restaurants' capacity. There are a number of on-line services for reservations (and just your own information.) The better ones sort the bistros by location, price, or style of cuisine. They may also make reservations for you, in English. I have been happy with and but there's lots of competition for this kind of service.
You might want to consider refining your definitions. Dinner can be taken in the corner brasserie, or bistro, or more pretentious fine dining spots. The distinctions overlap. But they all are supposed to place a menu at the door for potential customers, if you are freelancing it.
From experience, it can be a daunting task trying to satisfy the tastes of a group. Perhaps you can work out a scheme: One person a day chooses the destination, or for the whole trip, or you vote.
Bon appetit.