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Ground transport from Lyon Exupery Airport to Hotel des Celestins recommended by Rick

We're coming into Lyon Exupery Airport at 14:05 on a Friday in May.

What ground transport do experienced travelers recommend to reach the Rich Steve's recommended Hotel des Celestins?


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I flew into Lyon in January of 2022. I usually don't take public transportation with my luggage and covid rules were still heavily in effect, so I took a cab. It cost 70 euros that day. Were there mitigating circumstances? Possibly. But the next time, I will take the airport train into the downtown Lyon station at which point you are a 10 minute taxi ride to the hotel (which I enjoyed immensely for the next 3 nights.). Have fun. I really liked Lyon.

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Just as Sam suggested. The Rhonexpress will put you at Lyon's Part Dieu train station, walk through the station and the Metro is on the other side. The B train to Saxe-Gambetta, then the D to Bellecour. It's all barrier-free, but if you don't want to lug your luggage you can get a taxi at Part Dieu. I don't know what it will cost but obviously much less than from the airport, and a taxi will take you straight to the hotel.

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The journey planner suggests exiting the Rhone Express at Charpennes Charles Hernu to the Metro "A", which is direct to Bellecour, so only one transfer.

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To add to jr's comments, we found out that the taxi's cost 50 Euro during the day, and 70 Euro at night.

Unless jr responds otherwise, I will assume our friend from Wyoming taxied into Lyon at night.

We'll see how we feel after 13 hours of flying :o

Thanks everyone!

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Take the Rhonexpress tram. It's relatively inexpensive, you can catch a few minutes of sleep while in transit, and you can't miss your stop at Gare Part Dieu because that's the end of the line.

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"I will assume our friend from Wyoming taxied into Lyon at night"

It was actually mid-afternoon, horrible traffic, and metered rather than a flat fee. Perhaps it was a "covid fare bump"...I don't know. I was trying to be as careful as I could. I seem to remember "estimates" of 50 euro, but never found a fixed rate method at that time in my planning. Perhaps they now have fixed rates, as they do in Paris, depending on your end point, which would be lovely. Good luck!

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Have only taken the taxi to St Exupery a few times when departing so early in the morning that the Rhône Express wasn't running yet, but my recollection is that we paid in the neighborhood of 50-60 euros, and at that hour there was no traffic. I don't think there are flat rates for taxis in Lyon. The Rhône Express is relatively easy to manage with luggage, the metro less so, although the major stations like Part Dieu have a fair number of moving walkways and escalators.