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Gregorian Chants by Benedictine Nuns in France for Holy Week

The Guardian has an article on Benedictine nuns in Provence whose recordings of Gregorian chants are being made available this Holy Week.

Apparently next week they will make thousands more hours of the recordings available.

The abbey, which has its own congregation, is closed for Easter as a result of rules applied to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “Because of the measures taken ... we can no longer admit worshippers to our abbey’s church, and we are deeply sorry for it,” the nuns said.

They have instead allowed the release of a week’s worth of their chants for the six days Christians refer to as holy week, preceding Easter Sunday, the highlight of the religious calendar, when the chants have a particular importance. The rest is to go live next month.

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Fantastic Kim, love seeing the world of art/music doing so much sharing ........ makes the planet feel smaller— just wonderful.