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"Greeters" in France

Are any of your familiar with city "greeters"? I first took one in the city of Tours when I was taking a class for French teacher about using technology in the classroom. For one of our projects, we met up with a city "greeter"----which is a tour given by a local from the city. We were very much impressed with the tour we received. I tucked that away in my mind.

What is a greeter, you ask?

Then book a walk with a Greeter next time you’re visiting the South of France and swim with the tide!

Greeters are local volunteers from Marseille who accompany you on your
walk, unveil their secret places and top addresses and regale you with
fun little stories about the enigmatic Marseille-Provence area.

The Greeters are committed to offering a hospitable welcome,
familiarizing visitors with their city and fostering friendly
encounters and exchanges.

What’s more, the Association Marseille Provence Greeters organises
your walk with a Greeter! Donation on appraisal to help the
organization of the Association.

Now in a week (exactly one week from today) I am set to meet with a greeter in Marseille.

Do any of you have GREETER experiences in France? It's a fabulous way to take a tour without paying "la peau de fesses."

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I did a tour with Paris Greeters in 2013 and enjoyed it a lot. My volunteer led me on a 3 hour walk through Le Marais, pointing out many sights I wouldn't have noticed on my own. I can recommend this organization highly.

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I've used Paris Greeters multiple times on various visits and always had a great experience. They ask about your preferences and provide walks based on those (I've done ones on history, food, literature, etc.). They don't charge directly but do ask for a donation since they are a volunteer organization and only have a couple of paid employees who do the admin work. I think they prefer that you make the donation online either before or after the walk, rather than pay your guide. Have a great walk!

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I've used Paris Greeters twice, in 2011 & 2014. They were both very good experiences and I recommend it. I also submitted an application to the London Greeter program for my 2014 trip. I never received any response from them.

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We loved our Paris Greeter. Our guide was a retired Parisian doctor who likes to practice her English. Very much a "slice of Parisian life" experience.

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Mine has been quite sweet about responding to my emails. It's a nice way to meet up with locals and subtracts the coldness one can get on a bland tour. I'll let you know how my experience is next week.

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Like Andrea, we reached out for "greeters" in both Paris and Beaune in 2013 but never heard back from either place. We'll try again next trip.