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Go to summit of Eiffel Tower or just first stop?

We will be in Paris early August and will have Friday evening, all day Saturday and Monday morning available to do things. We are going to do Eiffel Tower for sure, but should we go to the summit and potentially wait an hour or longer? I would like to go to the summit but is it worth the wait? Would Friday evening or Monday morning be any less crowded than the weekend? We need to fly out Monday at 3PM from Gaulle.

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I think the view OF the tower is more interesting than the view FROM the tower. I would go to the second level again, but won't bother with the top level again. The top level is quite small, too, so very crowded.

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If its something you need to do, then by all means. But, having done it I would not if I had to do it over again. It gets very crowded, you are in a small space and there are better views of Paris from elsewhere. My memory is contaminated by the drunk large Germans who thought nothing of cutting the line. They were there for the World Cup. One Frenchman behind me whispered in my ear “they are still angry about losing the war”.

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If you can, go near sunset as the lights of Paris come on and there’s a beautiful sunset. Why go half way? After all you don’t wash your feet with your your socks 🧦 on! My favorite view of the tower is across the Seine on the Trocadero.

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I agree with Philip...go all the way; it is worth the wait. Be sure to look up when you are riding the upper elevator.
Pure 19th century engineering eye-candy.

There is a champagne bar at the top if you are so inclined.

Vive la France.

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I liked the view from the second level the best, but I’m still glad we went to the top. Now when we see the Eiffel Tower on tv, we say “We were there at the top!” and it just brings back a fun memory. We went last June and had tickets for 10:30am or somewhere around that time. Went to the second level and immediately got in line for the lift to the top level. Then after wandering around the top, we took the lift back to the second level and took in the views. That plan worked well because the line to the top wasn’t too long when we got in it, but by the time we got back to the second level, the line was much longer. And the whole area around the Eiffel Tower was much more crowded by the time we left. By going earlier in the day I think we avoided the huge crowds. At least on the day we were there.

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If you pre buy the Tickets you will have an assigned time so your wait will not be that long.Remember to arrive early enough to clear security.

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Since you are going in August it will be crowded at the Tower, but I recommend that everyone go up it at least once, to experience it as an engineering marvel, as well as for the view. Personally I think going to the 2nd level is fine.

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Mike, no matter what ticket you get, timed, wait in line or walk up you will wait a very long time for the elevator to the top where no one has priority and the elevators are small. Still I would never do the Tower the first time without going to the top. It is not IMHO about the view there are several places in Paris to get high views more easily -- it is about being on top of the Eiffel Tower.

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I'm kind of an all or nothing kind of guy, I feel like I would regret not going to the top so I think I'll go for it and deal with whatever lines there might be, thanks.