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Gluten-Free kid-friendly food in Paris

Any suggestions for family-friendly places in Paris that have gf options for an adventurous 9 year old? He's a typical kid but probably one of the least finicky eaters I know (loves sushi, pho, gluten-free empanadas, most Cuban dishes) and we'd really like to experience French food without worrying about him getting really sick from it. We will be there for a week at the end of June and staying near Place des Vosges.

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Paris is one of my favorite places to eat gluten-free. Of course, you have to avoid croissants and noodles, as with any location. Just tell your waitstaff that your son is gluten-free and they will be very helpful. “Il est cœliaque” is your magic phrase (eel eh sell-ee-ack). I find that in general the folks in Europe are much more knowledgeable about celiac and there are many more products available.

There are GF bakeries in the city. We even had GF dim sum and it was wonderful. The best place to start is the internet, and a browser search will find lots of fun places to eat.

Supermarkets are useful as well, with scrumptious yogurts and GF pastries. Look for Schär (same as in the US, but more variety) as well as local brands.

Here is a website that may help as you begin your search: