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Giverny tour tickets

We have tried to sign up for "No Queuing Advance E-Tickets" as described on The hitch is that when we try to do it and have to use Digitick, we can't get them to accept our credit card. (We checked; we have pleny of credit available and have used the same card to book a multitude of other tickets.) We think part of the problem may be related to the required "mobile phone number." We live in California, and we have tried various combinations, including what we think are the correct international codes. We also tried just a straight local number, e.g. 6501234567 (650 being our area code). I could not find the answer or the format on the web site.

Got any idea? If so, I'd love your help.

By the way, our "Plan B" is to see if we can buy those tickets at Tourist Information at Gare du Nord when we arrive there.

Thanks in advance.


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I ordered from Digitick last Spring. I just checked my confirmation and it shows my phone number as 10 digits (no spaces and without the country code), so that is what ultimately worked for me.

Did you notify your credit card company that you would be making purchases from France? Even if you've already made some purchases, your credit card company could be blocking you. I've had a number of occasions where I've made several successful internet purchases on foreign websites and then all of a sudden one doesn't work. Each time I've had to call the card company, they've changed something on my account, and on the retry it goes through. It usually happens on some small purchase, so nothing to do with credit ... just something that triggers their fraud alarms.

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I also had a problem with Digitick on 3/5/14 when ordering D'Orsay tickets. I gave up and ordered from a different provider. My credit card company called me the next day to verify my purchase. I confirmed it and mentioned my problem with Digitick. They said I entered and incorrect expiration date. Could it be that the date format is different? Or, I just messed it up.

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the phone number is just an identifier so any number that is the right length works, doesn't have to be your actual phone number. and of course be sure you enter dates of expiration in the European format rather than the American format. be sure you have alerted the credit card company of foreign purchases as those often trigger fraud rejections.

and sometimes these sites are just difficult.

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For museum tickets, Giverny, etc. try
It's the reliable outlet of a large store in France and may be less finicky.
Some tickets you can print at home , while others need to be picked up at the FNAC. That's easy to do, as FNAC stores are scattered around Paris.

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janettravels44: What is the European format for credit card expiration dates? My CC expiration date is 0415 here in the states. What would it be in Europe? I know they do the day and month opposite on their dates, but my expiration for my CC does not have a day. I am planning on buying train tickets the day they are posted to get the cheapest rate and do not want something like this to mess me up. However, I can not find any info that their expiration dates are done differently. What did you mean? Thank you.

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Expiration date of mm/yy is the same in Europe as here.

...When are you going to Giverny? If you go first thing when they open in the morning you don't have to wait long. I went in early August and took an early train from Paris and was there just before opening time and the wait in line was maybe 10-15min. If you go early you don't need to get advance tickets.