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Giverny - Private tour

I'm interested in private tour at Giverny after hearing great things about it from a friend. Their guide is no longer providing tours. All the points I can find online only talk about trips from Paris with transportation included but we'll already be touring by car. Anyone know of resources for locating tour guides?

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I'll agree with Janet on this......unless getting there is an issue (and apparently for you it is not), a tour guide really isn't necessary. Just enjoy strolling the gardens and the pond area.

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Thanks very much for the input. It’s a little pricey so it’s good to know it’s not necessary .

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It is so crowded there it is hard to picture a private tour being very private.

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Adam has pointed out the reason why a private tour might be worth it. I'm not an expert on Giverny, otherwise I might work there as well, but I bet there are places a guide knows where it is quieter. Even at Chenonceau (3rd busiest site outside Paris) there are a couple of places you can get a sense of calm even on the busiest day.