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I am hoping for some more recent personal information here. One of our traveling group is wanting to go to Giverny. Some friends of ours went about 3 years ago and said that even though they pre-purchased timed tickets, they still had to wait an enormous time in line for entry. When I went to their website it looks like pre-purchased tickets have a separate entry so I don't know if that is something new? My friend will be going on her own and is non-French speaking so trying to find out as much info for her as I can. So any info regarding the train/shuttle will be helpful too! I know the train goes to Vernon and there is a bus she will take into Giverny, but again, if anyone has done this recently, would love your insight!

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I just returned from Paris and we did a day trip to Giverny. Purchase tickets online for the first time slot on opening. The train runs so that you get on a bus shuttle and go to Giverny in just enough time. Giverny gets real crowded really fast. However, we did not wait in line for a very long time. There are multiple entrances depending on groups, advance tickets, etc. The signage is not the best in the world for these but a ticket attendant will curtly put you in your place if you go to the wrong entrance. It’s not too difficult to navigate, however, you follow the crowds as everyone is going to the same place.

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We had the same experience. Pre-purchase the tix and take the early train from Paris to Vernon and the shuttle bus will get you there when the Gardens open. We followed Rick's advice and toured the Water Garden first, then the Walled Garden. The longest wait we had was to tour the house.

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Thank you both. Will need to look back at the RS suggestions. I would have thought to go in the house first to get ahead of the crowd.

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For me the house is of much less interest then the garden. When we went there was no queue to enter the gardens or the house, in mid afternoon several years ago. On a return trip I'd skip the house. There isn't much to see, and it doesn't give better views of the garden. There are not any of the master's paintings in the house.

When I go back I'm going first for photos of the bridge and lily pond. I had to be quite patient for people to move out of the way.

Our most recent visit was 2018. Get tickets in advance. Once you get off the bus in the parking lot, follow the crowd and signs. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll see a group entrance. It's long before you get to the main entrance. But your ticket will get you in. I'd suggest heading straight to the lily pond as the gate you just entered is quite close to it.