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Getting from Old Nice to the Nice Airport


I'm staying a few blocks north of La Vielle Ville in Nice and I have a flight at the Nice airport that takes off at 9:30AM. Has anyone ever gone to that airport? I'm trying to find the most cost effective way to get to the airport that won't cause me to miss my flight. I'm open to whatever means necessary, but again budget is a concern--but not as big of a concern as missing my flight!

Thank you for your help!

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No problem, there are a few city buses that go to the airport. I think that the #23 starts running at around 5:30 a.m., but it is slow (30 min. or so to T1 from Gambetta/Thiers). There is also an Express bus #98 that starts early enough, but it goes a little south from where you'll be (Gambetta/Promenade) and goes to T2.

A free shuttle links T1 & T2.

If you're really close to the train station, you may be able to train it to the Saint-Augustin station and grab the #23 for the last little bit (5 mins or so). I've done that in the reverse.

It's a very quick run to the airport from the center anyways - I'd cab it.

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I took the 98 bus to and from the airport. I had a little later flight that you. Mine was at 10:15. I was staying at hotel Suisse next to Castle Hill and walked down to the bus stop by McDonalds. I knew that that bus would not take very long.
Here is the bus website

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The fare for a single ride on bus #23 is €1.50. Monday-Friday the first bus leaves Thiers/Gambetta at 05:41. On Saturdays it's 05:36 and on Sundays it's 06:38.

The fare for a single ride on airport express bus #98 is €6.00.

The estimated daytime fare for a taxi from central Nice to the airport ranges from €22 to €30.