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From PARIS: a day driving around medieval towns

I would like to rent a car in Paris and spend one day touring little medieval towns with cobble narrow streets and old houses, views, vineyards stopping for un café, view cathedrals, walk a lot and, a couple of wine glasses.
Can you suggest an itinerary for one day?
Thank you very much!

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From Paris?? Fontainebleau might be a good option for you, though you certainly don’t need a car to get there. Ramshackle chateau in a quaint cute town, though it doesn’t really give medieval vibe. Same as with Versailles. Nice town, fancy awesome palace. Vaux le Vicomte is another beautiful chateau and Melun is a nice enough town nearby, though still not the vibe you want.

Day tripping to Chartres could be a good option as well. Or perhaps Rouen. But again neither requires a car.

Is there any particularly reason you’re set on a car? I feel like what you’re searching for is more available in Southern France and couldn’t be done in just a day.

My suggestion to you is to look at RS Paris book and read the day trips suggestion. There are some good ones that don’t require a car.

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Why rent a car ? It’s just a bit of hassle for a daytrip you could do easier and cheaper by public transport -
You could look at Provins - a world heritage site, and a car would be useless in the old section anyways -

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Forgot to add a lovey daytrip I did myself from Paris by train , Rouen !!! Fascinating medical old town . Only 1.5 by train , cheap fare if you well in advance

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Doing in one day everything you name is not doable, driving a scenic route takes way more time as planned, you have to compromise. You can drive for instance to Boucles de la Seine west of Rouen (A13) and start in Vieux Port and follow the D65 to Pont de Bretonne for going to Saint-Wandrille. The latter not medieval but with the abbey very nice. Further to Jumièges to visit the abbey there and Saint-Martin-de-Bosscherville (abbey there too) on the way to Rouen. Drop off the car there and take the train back after visiting the historic center. Not so much worry about drinking a glass of wine.

Or on the way to Rouen visit the ruins of Château Gaillard for the stunning view of the Seine valley, adjacent Les Andelys is worth a visit. Detour to lovely Lyons-la-Fôret before arriving in Rouen. Drop off car there, etc. The center of Rouen with it's maze of one-way streets is not easy driving through so best is to know before where to get rid off the car and beware of the TEOR bus lane crossing the center.