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French train strikes, again

I have read past posts here on this topic and at other sites outside of RS too, but none have addressed HOW to get from Nice to Paris if there is a train strike on Friday, July 6. I have a reservation on the TGV, but I am more worried about what other modes of transport I should take; not as concerned about getting my money back since that does appear to be possible and that info is readily available. My RS tour ends the a.m. of July 6, then at 10:00 a.m. I take the train to Paris and fly out of CDG the next day at 12:25 p.m. (Am staying in a hotel at the airport.)
1. How soon before July 6 will info on a strike be available? I need time to fall back and regroup...
2. How should I react? Might there still be seats on a plane from Nice to CDG? Are there many flights on Fridays? Is there something else I should do? (FYI, I have an iPad but do not have a phone that works in Europe; no smartphone.)
Thanks! Ann.

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Forget the day to day stress of not knowing. If I were you I would take the matter in hand and book my flight from Nice to Paris for July 6 today while the prices are still reasonable about as low as $115 one way. If you look you will see that there are about 25 direct flights on July 6 from Nice. And then get the money back for the train ticket right away don't delay.

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Remember -- even on a strike date NOT ALL TRAINS ARE CANCELLED. Some trains will run. If your train IS cancelled, you may be able to switch to another train on the same day, and since you don't fly until the next day you have flexibility.

Notice of affected trains for July 6 will be available by 5 p.m. on July 5, probably before that. Or July 6 may not be a strike date at all. (Went through this in April and May -- stress city!!)

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Move on. Who wants to look forward to a European vacation monitoring the certainty or uncertainty of train strikes.

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since you don't fly until the next day you have flexibility.

I'd say they exactly DON'T have flexibility since they need to be at CDG the next day for their flight back to the States. It's no small matter getting from Nice to Paris - for example, if you have to end up taking Flixbus, it's some 15 to 22 hours, depending on the schedule.

If you rent a car, it's some 10-12 hours, at least

I'd do as Jazz + Travels suggests and get on the EasyJet website and buy a ticket for a flight, stat. You do NOT want to be wondering about this for the next month and then spending the day of July 5 (after 5 pm!!) scrambling to figure out a bus ticket or car rental - or a flight for the same-day cost.

Don't forget to add the cost of a checked bag if you need to check, and EasyJet has a strict "one-bag" policy in the cabin unless you buy their Speedy Boarding.

Now, here's the counterargument to all that -- right now the strikes are only scheduled to last until June 28. They should be over by the time you need to travel. But the unions could always decide they need to keep them up, and schedule more, if they feel they're not getting what they want from the government (and they're NOT going to get what they want from the government). Honestly I would get the flight and be done with it. I know it's an extra time in and out of an airport, which is a drag.

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Thanks so much for your input. Taking such a long bus ride or driving are not options. To be honest, this TVG train trip is the highlight of my excitement for this trip! I am as excited to do it as anything else on the tour! Except of course for the strike stress that come along with it! I guess I will just spend the money on a plane ticket and if there is no rail strike, will eat the plane ticket and go by train! I have to research the plane options -- all new to me flying internally in Europe -- but are you saying I can't carry on a small rolling suitcase that WOULD be considered carry-on from the U.S. to Paris, along with a back pack? I would have to check the rolling suitcase? AND, if I just don't show up for my flight because I can go by train, will there be any penalty on this particular airline? Thanks again! Ann

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Only one bag is allowed, not a carry on and personal item like in the U.S. When I flew Easyjet I paid to check my carry on bag at the time of booking to save money, and had my backpack with me as my one item to carry on. There should be no penalty for not showing up for your flight, as it's not one leg of a multi legged itinerary.

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There are NO strike dates currently announced for July. IF the current 3.5 months of strikes are extended past the end of June and IF the unions choose to continue them in the same pattern, then July 6 would not be one of the affected dates. But we have to wait for such news.

Advance planning for the departures guaranteed to run on strike days has been released in about 2-week blocks at But that doesn't mean 2 weeks before July 6; it would probably be much shorter notice. Additional departures may also be confirmed just one day ahead. It's more organized than the term "strike" implies to most of us.

IF your reserved train is cancelled, you can use your existing ticket on any other train running that day, but without a reserved seat. If that's what you need to do, then check at least a day ahead to know which train you're trying for, as it could be either earlier or later than the original 10:00 schedule. Also allow time for possible confusion at the station. I understand that Nice either has started or will soon start using new automated ticket-reading gates in the station but switching trains would require your ticket to be read by a person.

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Thanks again to you all, especially Laura at RS. It's great that your staff monitors the forum and chimes in when you have info to share. I wasn't particularly happy about insuring my ability to get on my flight home from Paris on July 7 with a $131 plane ticket from Nice to Paris on July 6, but at least I don't have to worry and fret for the next month! I am really hopeful the TGV will run and all indicators are that it WILL, but I have a back-up now. I'm spending a lot on this trip so what's another $131!!! Peace of mind is worth it. Ann.

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I don't think a strike is likely on your date either BUT if you were to actually wait until a strike was announced and your date was affected those plane tickets that are available now will either be no longer available or the rate will be much higher.
I think that is why many are stating they would remove the stress and book the plane now so pay a little more but then forget it.

Your decision obviously.
Not sure the TGV train ride will be so enjoyable. It is a really long train ride and while the first hour plus should be enjoyable/very scenic as the train goes slower near the coast the rest will be quite boring I suspect.
Of course more enjoyable than sitting in a typical plane or airport security line of course but wouldn't want to get expectations too high.

If you are staying at a hotel near the airport ; taking a flight may make more sense for logistics as well as save you time compared to the train.