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Yes, as noted in this thread that I started at the time, he announced in an address to the nation on April 13 that the deconfinement would begin May 11

He is to make some final decisions tomorrow as to the shape of the first phase of exiting lockdown, and the prime minister will present the plan to parliament either tomorrow or Tuesday.

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Now he's saying "wait maybe not"

SO we will just have to wait and see.

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Tonight, PM Edouard Philippe announced the following concerning the confinement which will change after 11 May:

  • Residents will be able to travel within 100 km of their homes without the attestation or paperwork.
  • Gatherings are limited to 10 people.
  • Those using public transportation must wear masks.
  • Much of commerce will reopen. Notable exceptions are cafés and restaurants.
  • Schools and nurseries will start to reopen progressively.
  • Cinemas, theaters, museums, and expositions will remain closed.
  • Working from home should be maintained for an additional 3 weeks.
  • Religious ceremonies may resume after June 2nd.
  • Beaches will remain closed until at least June 1st.
  • Sporting events are all cancelled until at least mid March.
  • Starting this Thursday, regions of France will be tagged as either Red or Green with specific confinement rules (not fully yet explained). One assumes restrictions will be further relaxed for Green regions.
  • Testing continues particularly for those showing symptoms of the virus.
  • Specifically, restaurants, bars, and cafés will remain closed at least through the end of May.

As far as tourism, much will depend upon what progress is being made against the spread of the disease in the coming months. In the US, the virus shows no signs of slowing other than a few locations such as New York. Otherwise, we are still waiting for a plateau of new cases.