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French health card

I am scheduled to go to Paris in May. Is anyone out there thinking of getting a french health card?

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I got the Pass Sanitaire when I traveled to France last Fall. I’ll renew it at a pharmacy near my hotel when I go back this spring.

It’s the expected thing and much easier for servers, museum employees etc to just scan your QR code rather than having to look at your CDC card, maybe mentally translate the dates and other information to let you enter.

To me getting it is part of being a polite guest in another country.

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If the Pass Sanitaire is still in use in May, do yourself a favor and get one. It will make your travel life in France so much easier. Just show the QR code and you're good to go.

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My PS was printed out on a piece of paper, they offered to also get me the version for my phone but I was perfectly happy to flash the paper. Plus it never runs out of battery and can't crash. As long as there's a QR code the restaurant can scan, everyone can eat. It's not really optional, you need the PS.