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French equivalent of the German Bahn Card?

Hello All!

I am traveling from Paris to Avignon, Avignon to Strasbourg then to Paris to fly out and will be using trains to get from point A to B.

My questions there any sort of saver card I can sign up for prior to traveling to get discount tickets? I've used a Bahncard before while traveling in Germany and was wondering if there is a any French equivalent.

Thanks in advance for any help!



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No idea what a Bahncard is but there are various discount cards available for rail travelers in France:

Carte Avantage Jeune - for those 12 to 27 years of age
Carte Avantage Week-end - for those 27 to 59
Carte Avantage Senior - for those 60 and over
Carte Avantage Famille - for those 27 to 59

These cards offer discount fares of up to 30% off, cost 49€, and are valid for one year.
More information is available on the SNCF website

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Besides the cards already listed above, there is the carte liberte but it's pricey and wouldn't be usefulf or 3 trips. There is also a subscription card that can be had on a monthly basis but it is difficult to book dates with. It's the TGV max card and is 79 euros/month and has a minimum commitment of 3 months. There are point to point plans as well (for commuters).

Realize that SNCF has a discount tgv service called OUI GO. You can take the tgv from paris to avignon for 10 euros, strasbourg to paris for 16 euros if you book ahead of time. Avignon to strasbourg, though, will be more expensive. Best to book through sncf oui.

The discount cards are really only worthwhile if you are booking on a high priced date with short notice or if you live in France and would use it enough times to recoup the cost.