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France Switzerland border checks?

We will be driving from Switzerland to France next week in a car that has Dutch license plates. Does anyone know if there are border checks for cars? We are wondering if we would be subject to Netherlands (red zone) entry requirements or not.

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For what it’s worth, here is our experience at the French/Swiss border on our current trip. We arrived at GVA on July 15. Our family lives in Haute-Savoie about 45 minutes away. Upon driving from the airport, no stop by French authorities (French plates). A couple of days later, we drove back north through Switzerland to get through Alsace. At the Swiss border, Swiss guards there. We were not stopped. They seemed much more concerned that we had the driving sticker, the vignette. Crossing a minor border crossing into the going north back into France near Montbeliard, we were not stopped by anyone. Of course, things can change. But no issues for us.

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Thanks for your reply! We crossed the border into France today and had a similar experience. There wasn’t even anyone manning the border from Switzerland to France so it was very smooth.