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France opening and other countries borders

Since France is now open to US Citizens, what are the protocols with other countries surrounding France? Can people travel to Belgium via train, or Italy, or any other country and re-enter France via train or plane without problem as long as those countries are accepting visitors? Just wondering.

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JR, there are a few active threads right now discussing France's Opening. Look under France under destinations. And then, still, you will have questions, because nothing is completely clear.

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The procedures are different for each country so you need to check. For example, I do not believe that Belgium is open to those from the US but Spain is.

This may not be the year to plan travel among a number of different countries.

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We are planning to fly into Barcelona in early September, pick up a rental car at the airport, and immediately drive into France. Eventually, will we drive that same car back into Spain. Will we face any requirements when crossing either border?

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I read that crossings by land or air or train are the same in terms of covid testing. So I think you would need a negative Covid test to enter France.