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France Moves U.S.** to "GREEN" List - No more PCR required if you are vaccinated! (**And CANADA)

The minister for tourism tweeted this morning that the French have updated their list -- the United States is now classified as GREEN under their border opening scheme.

If traveling to France from a GREEN country (Like the U.S. or Canada, or other European countries but not the UK):

You only need to bring your proof of vaccination to enter the country (or board a France-bound flight)

You must provide a negative PCR or antigen test that is newer than 72 hours when you depart for France.

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Wow! That didn't take long. Great news. That's one less thing for me to worry about. Now, how long before we won't need a test to fly back to USA from France?

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Yes! So glad we don’t have to worry about that. Makes it less stressful on our last day in Positano to not worry about finding a place for a test to fly to Paris on the 2nd part of our trip!!

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Well, I am proud to have been one of the pioneers to have to go through the damn test.

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Ha ha Alexander!

This is such good news!

(Now maybe the U.S. will stop requiring one on re-entry for vaxxed citizens)

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Does anyone know if this is based on where your passport is from, or where you're coming from? In other words, my husband and I are flying to France from Kenya but we hold US passports. I'm assuming we'll need a test since Kenya is classified as orange?

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Yes, Rachel, you've got it right, you will need a test. You have to follow the rules for the country from which you are traveling to France. It has to do with which country you're headed to France FROM, not the country of your passport.

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Great news! Thanks for sharing this info!

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Kim....this is welcome news. We are traveling to France during mid-July. We are transiting the UK to France with a connecting flight at LHR. We are not leaving the airside at LHR. Hoping that doesn't have a negating effect to the rules.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Kim and SharpDome! This is wonderful news! And thanks for the clarification that this applies to this country you are entering France FROM. We are not yet certain if we will be entering France from the US.

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Many thanks, Kim for the wonderful news! A great relief. This major shift is going to make our July trip to Paris much smoother and enjoyable.