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France in Winter/January

Hello, all!
I need some urgent help! I am traveling to France in a couple of weeks and want to take a few day side tour outside of Paris. Although I can't decide where to go that is traveler friendly in the winter. From my research I have found that many smaller town attractions and accommodations shut down during the winter. We were thinking the Alsace region or Dordogne. We aren't opposed to neighboring country flights to a major city either but want to use that as a last resort. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE provide some suggestions if you have had experience traveling in France during the winter. Thanks, so much, in advance!!!!

Chris & Jocelyn
Dallas, TX

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While you might find some things closed in smaller towns, I doubt if you'd miss anything in larger cities. My suggestion would be Lyon, France's second city, reachable very quickly from Paris by train. Winter might not be the best time to spend in the countryside but cities never stop, you don't have to spend more time outdoors than you want, and the trains are very reliable.

There's information about Lyon, and other places in France, under "Explore Europe" on this website. Look through some of the other French cities and see what interests you most.

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I'd go with Lyon, and a side trip to Dijon wouldn't be bad either.
The food is good and so is the history.
The days will be short and it will probably rain, so take your raincoat. An umbrella will be useless in the wind. Bundle up!