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France Going to Lockdown Soon; how to get to airport

I realize that we’re treading on totally new ground here but does anyone have an idea how to transit from downtown Paris to CDG in the event that a lockdown is imposed? It is likely to happen either Tuesday or Wednesday. Will taxis still run? Thanks in advance.

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Taxis and VTCs should still be operating. I read yesterday that the RER B, métro lines 1 and 14 (which are automated), and métro lines 7 and 8 should continue to operate.

However, most airlines have announced extensive cancellations so there may be few flights to catch.

The rumor is that Macron will announce a complete shutdown later today to include a mandatory curtailment of all but essential movement on the streets.

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You need to go today or tomorrow. Once the borders shut you will need to stay in your apartment, as the Italians are doing, until the lockdown is over. We just bought one-way tickets home to the States on line and applied for a refund of our cancelled flight. There was no way to talk to an airline rep.

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I used the G7 app on my phone on Sunday to summon a taxi. It worked perfectly. Of course, I don't know how things will be running today or in the future.

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You may have to buy a new ticket instead of changing your existing one. Here's our experience:

Our grandson is attending the University of Tours. Last Tuesday it became obvious the situation was worsening and we needed to get him home. We were looking at flying him out today (3/16) or tomorrow. He needed to tie up loose ends and prepare to return with everything since we don't know when or if he'll return. It was Thursday night before we got the green light to change the flight. By then he was packed up and left for Paris to stay with friends until he could fly out.

My wife spent almost all day trying to change the flight, looking out 2-3 weeks. Nothing was available. There was a popup on the Delta page that suggested buying a new ticket. Since his friends had limited room, he would have to move to a hotel. My wife found she could buy a new ticket for less than a week's hotel stay and since nothing was showing up, she bought the first available ticket for Saturday morning.

Our grandson is back home in the US after a harrowing week. It looks like we got him out just in time.

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Yes, I bought a new ticket but the price was downright reasonable and they actually allowed me to change the day with no penalty or charge. (I found the ladies at the AA counter at CDG to be incredibly kind and cheerful.) If the flight takes off, my next torment will be how to avoid acquiring the virus during the $%^!&*@ line at arrival in USA.

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Just wear a mask throughout the flight and perform hand hygiene continuously and don't touch face. The airline attendants will have alcohol wipes for the passengers.

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DougMac — what a time your grandson has had these last few months — with getting blocked here at Christmas by the strikes and now just barely getting out thanks to a new ticket!!! So glad he is home.

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DougMac — what a time your grandson has had these last few months...

Kim, thanks for your concern. We relied on the help and generosity of the citizens of France who have gone above and beyond in their assistance to him. We have made many new friends during this time, both virtually and in person when we spent a week in Loches last year. I look forward to being able to return to France in the not so distant future. Our plans were to meet up with Will at the end of the semester and spend a couple of weeks traveling around your lovely country. Sadly this is not to be.

To add to the chaos, Will had an electrical fire in his apartment last Wednesday. There was minor fire damage to the apartment except for smoke, but Will had some personal items ruined. Again friends from France have stepped in to help with finishing up the insurance paperwork. Fortunately he had renter's insurance which will cover his losses.

Will has done a great job during the last two years dealing with situations many of us have never had to face. The lessons he's learned and the memories he's made will be with him for the rest of his life. We kid him about having grandchildren gathered at his feet when he says to them: "Let me tell you about my time in France when I was a young man."