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Fougeres or Vitre' ??

Hello all,
we are traveling in Brittany in a few weeks. We really would like to see Fougeres and Vitre, but may not have time to visit both. Any advice on which place wins if we only have time for one ?
Is one of them more touristy than the other?


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Tough question. I'm replying because we visited both in 2012. I think I failed to find the most attractive part of Fougeres (so do careful map study), and it was very quiet the day we went, maybe it was a Sunday or a holiday the week before 14 Juillet. It was also way off the main highway, took forever to get there. I was very satisfied with Vitre, although it could be characterized as touristy - but not to the extent of Dinan (which has some commonalities ... ). OTOH, there were nice places to eat, and with some driving around, we found affordable hourly parking. I wish we'd had time for Mme. Sevigny's mansion outside Vitre. On balance, I vote for Vitre. But you should look at Google Images, too.

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Both towns (small cities from the French point of view) are well worth seeing even if they have quite many similarities : medieval area, castle, river, small hills... If you are interested in a military fortress closer to what existed in the Middle Ages, the castle in Fougères is more interesting. If you do not have your own car, it is easier to go to Vitré with public transport (from Rennes).

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I visited both two years back and Fougères has my preference. The castle is huge and the view from the little park, upper town next Saint-Léonard church is stunning. It was early June and almost no tourists so it has a natural appeal making it for me more attractive.

But actually Vitré is in the same league, a bit more touristy but certainly worth a visit if Fougères is too much out of the way for you. What actualy makes the difference between the two is hard to explain, but for me Fougères gave me the better feel, felt as already said more natural and that’s for me the reason to vote for it.

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Thanks so much everybody, that is a big help !!


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I visited both towns last July and saw very few tourists. I think you'd enjoy either one.