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Has anyone taken a day trip from Paris to Fontainebleau and if so would you recommend going?


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We did one to Barbizon, nearby Fontainebleau, , and enjoyed it and the town.

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Yes, I did go to Fountainbleau last September as a day trip from Paris. I enjoyed the visit very much. Felt like we had the entire chateau to ourselves.

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We enjoyed our day trip to Fontainebleau very much. A lovely royal chateau, and without the horrible crowds of Versailles. Easy to get to, and train fare is included with the Navigo weekly pass.

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Yes I’ve done it as a day trip and I would do it again. More than I can say for Versailles

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Viator provides bus transport to and from Fontainebleau. Very economical for a couple.
It's not a tour, no guide, they give you 4 hours there to do your own thing, before going back to Paris.
Worked for us, we knew what we wanted to see and what it was, from Rick's guidebook & other sources.

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ParisCityVision has a tour that takes you to Vaux le Vicomte and Fontainebleau. We enjoyed it. Both chateau are much less crowded than Versailles.

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It is dead easy to do on your own and the NavigoD covers it if you have one. Take the train to Avon/Fontainebleau and there is a bus from the station to the chateau. It was uncrowded when we were there and we enjoyed a picnic down by the canal. You can. do a self guided tour of the chateau. It is one of the most historically important chateaux in France. I personally found Vaux le Vicomte somewhat more impressive -- but both are worth a visit and Fontainebleau is easier to visit on your own. You absolutely don't need to pay some middleman for this.

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A great day trip , Navigo pass will get you there by train then the bus to the chateau. A good relaxing day trip then head over and have a bite to eat at one of the cafes in town

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DIY by train. Regional service is frequent. Train station on the edge of town is a brisk walk or taxi/bus to the chateau.

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I second the recommendation for the ParisCityVision tour. It was great to see the 2 different castles. I did the guided tour and I'm glad I did. The tour guide pointed out lots of things and provided information that I wouldn't have gotten with touring on my own. Highly recommend Vaux le Vicomte as well as Fontainebleau. I enjoyed them both more than Versailles.

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I have been to Fontainbleau and it has a beautiful and famous castle which is famous since various kings like Francis I and Henry IV lived there. Also Napoleon Bonaparte briefly (he camped out actually and you can see all of the things he and his family used...he was actually very humble and didnt like the opulence of the castle).

The town is nice but not that remarkable. Besides the castle you have a famous business school (INSEAD) and forest with many trails.

The city of Rouen is a great day trip option if you like exploring cities...or Reims (for beautiful cathedral + champagne tasting) ...medieval town called Provins, Chantilly is many options!!! countryside is beautiful...

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I’m sure there are benefits to a tour, but Fontainebleau and Vaux-le-Vicomte are both amazing and each deserve a full day to experience them, rather than see them. On your own, you can go at your own pace, linger in rooms, and sit in the gardens at your leisure to really soak it all up. Can’t do that on a tour.