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Follow-up to Realistic Expectations Topic

As per a request, I include the title of the article I read: which prompted my post to the forum: What to Expect When Travelling to Paris: Expectations vs Reality -Time to shatter your illusions. I just tested it and if you copy and paste the title - it will bring up the article.

I want to thank each of you who took the time to respond to my post. I am so appreciative of your candor, your kindness, your humor and your insights. Even the posts that were slightly more caustic were helpful.

I have travelled to England, to Ireland and to China. This trip to France will be my first.

It has been more than six years since I boarded a silver bird to fly across the seas.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction...

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Please add this as a reply to your previous post. That's the best way for people to see it.

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Missed the first post, but as someone who spends a couple of months at least a year in Paris, sometimes more, I thought it was a silly article. Paris is generally a clean charming livable city with beautiful neighborhoods and excellent public transport.

I don't see any more dog crap on sidewalks than I do in Chicago i.e. rarely. (small French towns are actually much worse about this in my experience). Paris is filled with beautiful parks, lovely vistas, charming sidewalk cafes where you can linger and watch the world go by, excellent restaurants (although yu do have to do your research -- lots of mediocre ones too) and world class museums. I have trouble imagining anyone being disappointed. We have rented places here for 35 years and so always do a lot of our own cooking which means frequenting the many wonderful market streets and street markets -- and the quality of produce, the availability of fresh fish and the ubiquitous bakeries make life here idyllic. We do a lot of walking -- sometimes just going to a new area on the metro and wandering around -- all interesting.