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Anyone out there had any past experience with Flixbus versus BlaBlabus? trying to decide which bus service to use going from Chamonix to Lyon. Thanks

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I took it last week from Chamonix to Milan. I have used Flixbus one other time Munich to Salzburg in 2015. They have been pretty professional meaning in both cases they left and arrived on time and no one had there baggage stolen and I saw no one looking disturbed after using the one designated toilet on board. Pay the extra 5 dollars if you can and pick your seat otherwise the computer will pick it for you.Chamonix to Lyon is just a 2 hour ride that will be over pretty quick if you have your smartphone admiring all the great photos you will take from your trip up to Mont Blanc.

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I have had a couple of near misses when driving with Flixbus drivers - one appeared to be texting on his mobile phone as he was swerving into our lane. I wouldn’t travel with them if you paid me. I don’t know BlaBlabus.

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Don't know BlaBla bus, but we have used Flix bus several times, and all without a problem. I would definitely suggest you purchase the guaranteed seat. We made that mistake on our first Flix bus trip on a very overcrowded bus from Munich to Garmisch, and our party of four was scattered all over the bus because we didn't pay the extra to reserve a seat. We took the bus from Strasbourg to Frankfurt with no issues, as well as from Garmisch to Innsbruck no issues. It was WAY cheaper than the train, and a comfortable ride.