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Flights from Indianapolis to Paris

Hi all, been a while, are flights to Paris from Indy really over $1200 each nowadays (on the low end) or should I just wait for a deal? it has been about 18 months since we went there and the last three times we flew from indy to Paris (twice) or Manchester England (once) all within two years, we paid about $1650 for both of us round trip....I cannot believe how much the flights are running now. Is this just life now as we know it or should I wait a bit for a deal? We are travelling on the 30th of September for 10 days. Thanks so much. Oh, also, is there a website that you have found especially helpful in finding those cheaper European airfares? i find so many of them so useless. they tell you the flight is $850 and then "oops" forgot to tell you there is another $400 in fees....LIARS!!! lol. thanks

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I use this site often:
You can use the calendar function to get best round trip fares in a 30 period. For multi-city, you can only use +/- 2 days because the permutations are too many for a whole month. The site just gives you the prices, schedules, and carrier. You have to go to the carrier's site to actually buy the ticket. Also check flying from Chicago. I saw some great fares on SAS connecting through Copenhagen for Sept and Oct. Otherwise, $1200 is par for the course these days if convenient flights are a priority.

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In addition to Matrix ITA, I use Kayak: These two sites show all the mandatory fees up front (of course, extra fees for checked bags, priority boarding, extra legroom, etc aren't shown).

Also, check the airline websites directly. I recently had a glitch where Kayak was showing a fare of nearly $8000 (yes, eight THOUSAND dollars), while United dot com had the exact same flights for about $850.

If you don't mind driving a bit, look into alternate airports. For no particularly good reason, it may be cheaper to fly out of, say, Terre Haute or Cincinnati; Cincinnati even has nonstops to Paris on Delta.

If you don't mind making more connections, Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, and Icelandair can have good prices.

And yes, airfares have indeed galloped upward recently. The airlines have gotten better at cutting service and filling planes, and with fewer empty seats, they can charge higher prices (supply and demand at work; they've reduced the supply).

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If you found a flight from Indy to Paris for $1500 don't hesitate to book it. All of the flights I found were $1500 or more. Btw, are you aware of any direct fights? I always have to go through Chicago ot Toronto and hate it. I would love to know of any cheaper or alternate routes that become available.

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I don't know why Indy doesn't have direct flights to Europe, but they don't. However, Cincinnati does, and it's about a 2 hour drive from Indy. Crystal, if you're in Marion, IN, you might look at flights out of Detroit. We can get there in just over 2 hours via US-24, so maybe 3 1/2 for you? I'd rather drive a few hours and go direct.