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Flight refund

Our long planned trip in June to France is cancelled.Delta /Air France just cancelled our flight.I read that since they cancelled I can get a refund ( if course,they want me to take a credit for a future trip but my husband and I are over 70s so who knows what health issues may arise in that time frame ).If we get a refund they say it will go back on the card we used to pay for trip.There were 4 of us ( I was paying for daughter and husband also) so this is over $8000 ! It would take me years to use that amount of money on a credit card .Would the credit card company reimburse me or can I somehow request Delta to send a check to me versus the credit on card ?

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After it posts on your card, call up the cc company and request a check be sent to you. We’ve done it.

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What Rosebud said. It should be pretty easy but many credit card call centers are closed or thinly staffed. You need to do this by phone, there is no way on line, so be prepared to navigate through the voice tree and wait. I got an (obviously) overseas call center at Chase the first time and when the check did not arrive called back. No evidence of my first call. I’ve been promised now 7-10 days. Delta is bound to charge it back to your card, so don’t try to change that, you’ll be wasting your time.

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Similar scenario- Our HA flight was canceled in March. I called and we were given a refund on our Credit card. For us it took a few days to show on our account. They told me to call them after it was credited and they would send me a check. I received the check about a week later. We are currently waiting for KLM to cancel our flight to Italy/Sicily in early Sept. I suspect that will occur in August. All our accommodations are refundable.

So sorry you and your family are missing your trip to France.
All the best.

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Cash advance? Those at at the most horrendous interest rates. Ask for a check.

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Your credit card company should send you a check for the credit balance. The law says you can request a refund from the CC company. I have found that I did not need to ask Citibank or Barclays when I had a credit on my cards with them. After a month or so, they sent them. But I did have to ask American Express when I returned something after paying the bill and I had a $3,000 credit.