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Fleshing out First France Foray

Hi Francophiles,
I have the opportunity to tag along on my spouse's work trip to Paris in April. He has been once before, and we have traveled to Europe many times but never to France. I will have time to explore the city while he is working. Because we have not traveled since 2019, we would like to take the opportunity to get out of the city, and perhaps rent a car for a few days. I am still doing research, so this post is just me putting out feelers to determine if I am going in the right direction. I know many will say just stay in Paris, but we are going to have many opportunities to return on this yearly trip. This excursion will be less than a week, bookended with time in Paris.
So, I am thinking the Mediterranean would be best weather-wise in early April, and we love the sea. It's three hours by train to Marseilles. If the car shortage/high costs I am seeing reported this year continue, would you keep this as an option?
My other possibility is Bordeaux, as it is only two hours by train. I am being swayed by the proximity to Basque country, which we really loved in Spain. Is this area a rainy misery in early-mid April?
I'd greatly appreciate any opinions on these two options, or other suggestions that you might have. We are nature nuts, and no village has even been too small for me--however I speak no French.

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