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First class train ticket for Paris-Rennes?

Hello Everyone!
Travelling to Brittany this coming June/July, and wondering if having a first class train ticket would give us more re-booking options than second if our train was affected by a rail strike. I couldn't find any information on this, so if anyone could add some insight here, I would be very grateful. We've already booked the tickets (Paris/Rennes/St. Malo), but could probably upgrade if it would make a difference.

Thank you so much!

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There are endless threads on every travel forum to which I am a member where people are overly nervous and have questions about whether their vacation will be affected by transport strikes, often asking these questions when their travel date is several weeks/months from the present. Yes, transport strikes happen from time to time in France but the present strikes involve a very specific issue about retirement reform so these strikes are more intense than the usual strikes. To the OP and anyone else who is reading this thread you should not, at present, be worried about the "vague possibility" of strikes that might affect your travel plans more than a week from now. No one can answer that question anyway since often transport strike info might not be available more than 24 hours in advance. But to you, the OP, and anyone reading this thread I just want to say......calm down and relax. Stop trying to look into alternative travel options 3-4 months in advance when that is totally unnecessary and you're over-worrying. My advice would be to plan on travel as usual unless otherwise indicated. Less than 10% of the calendar year in France is affected by transport strikes and even then the strikes do not affect the entire country but rather specific regions and certain routes so there is usually still transport service but not at full capacity. Sure, you could be one of these people affected by a total shut down of service but it is pointless to worry about something which is not the norm and instead base your travel plans on something which is unlikely to affect you.